How to come to NHS

5 minutes walk from Nirasaki station, JR Line.

About 90 minutes from the center of Tokyo by car or Train.

About Yamanashi

Our high school is in Yamanashi.
Yamanashi is in the Chubu district which is in the center of Japan.
Yamanashi neighbors Tokyo, Nagano, Shizuoka, Saitama and Kanagawa.
Our high school is situated in the north of Yamanashi.
We are surrounded by mountains.
Mt. Fuji is the most famous.
It is 3776 meters high. It is a very beautiful mountain.
We can see it from our school.
Yamanashi is also famous for fruits such as peaches and grapes.
Yamanashi produces the most grapes in Japan and Yamanashi makes the best wine too.
The population of Nirasaki City is about 30,000
and it has a train station, a McDonald’s, large supermarkets and Omura Museum of Arts.

Club Activities

Tthere are 27 clubs. 95% of the students belong to one or more of these clubs.

Sport clubs

  • Soccer club
  • Baseball club
  • Track and field club
  • Basketball club
  • Volleyball club
  • Tennis club
  • Table tennis club
  • Mountaineering club
  • Handball club
  • Rhythmic gymnastics club
  • Softball club
  • Skiing club
  • Judo club
  • Kyudo club <Japanese Archery club>
  • Kendo club <Japanese Fencing club>
  • Badminton club
  • Swimming club

Soccer club is the most famous club in Nirasaki High School.

Nakata Hidetoshi who is a famous soccer player used to be a member of this club.

Culture club

  • Chorus club
  • Shodo club<Calligraphy Club>
  • Natural science club
  • Sado club<Tea Ceremony club>
  • Soukyoku club <Japanese zither club >
  • Art club
  • Photo club
  • Guitar club
  • Igo and Shogi club <Board game club >
  • Illustration club
  • English club

Some of these clubs have a training almost every day.  For example, Soccor club, Volleyball club, Kyudo, Japanese Archery, club!!Other clubs meet a few days a week after school.

School Anthem

Where mountains range from east to west, and north to south
Where the sky holds our world in its arms
At one edge of infinity, silver clouds rise up behind the mountains
We all gather together at this lovable school

Where Mt.Yatsugatake rises into the sky
Where fish swim strong in the rapids of the Kamanashi River
Lily of the valley radiates its scent in the fields
Blooming as beautifully as your transient life continues
We all gather together at this lovable school
And inspire one and all together

Makes us feel so nostalgic
Our hometown, Kyohoku
By the mountains surrounding us
And the waters flowing through our lives
Where we are bestowed with untold intellect and example
We all gather together at this lovable school
And sing in chorus

Yatsugatake : Name of the mountain range near our high school

Kamanashi : Name of the river which runs through Nirasaki City

Kyohoku: Name of the area including Nirasaki city, North part of Yamanashi Prefecture

The writer of this lyric, Fukao Sumako1888〜1974, was a very famous poet

who worked from Meiji Era to early Showa Era. We are so proud to have her poem as our Anthem. 

It is said many times that our school song is very unique because of her special work,

and the music itself is so beautiful.  We always remember our school days with this song.

School Philosophy

Our school philosophy is “Hyakusetsu Futo”, meaning that we will not give up however hard the thing is.
Our school is a balanced school where students not only do their best in club activities but also study hard.

The number of the students and the teachers

The total number of the students in our school is 715, 352 boys and 363 girls.
Their ages are ranging from 15 to 18. There are three grades in our school.
First grade has six homerooms, second grade six, and the third six.
Each homeroom has a homeroom teacher and a vice homeroom teacher.
Each grade has one Bunrika, a different faculty.
In Bunrika, there are students who can put more emphasis on studying.
There are 53 teachers including 10 part time ones teaching in our school.
The students in Science course and the ones in Liberal Art course take different subjects, especially from the second grade.

What the students are studying

  • Japanese
  • Japanese classics
  • English communication
  • English expression
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geology
  • Geography
  • Japanese history
  • World history
  • Politics and Economics
  • Ethics
  • Present society
  • P.E.
  • Home economics
  • Food study
  • Computer
  • Art
  • Calligraphy
  • Music

Contact US


3-2-1 Wakamiya, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi Prefecture,Japan.407-0015

Telephone Number:0551-22-2415

Fax Number:0551-22-2708

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